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Driving Innovation at the Intersection of Technology and Sustainability

Exceeding your expectations by providing unparalleled service

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Why work with Turia?

Experienced business and technical professionals

At Turia, we actively anticipate how your requirements will evolve over time. Our service delivery is designed to provide you with the complete range of solutions you need to scale your operations and enhance efficiency. With an experienced team of diverse technology professionals, we’re the optimal partners to elevate your digital experience.


We’re focused on devising innovative solutions for stakeholders that are looking to leverage technology to amplify their social impact across a multitude of verticals. Turia is the ideal partner to achieve your social impact goals through technology. We have a strong commitment to partnering with leading enterprises across ESG verticals and have helped our global partners minimize their carbon footprint through sustainable IT initiatives.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

Partnered Cloud Services

VMware Partner Network

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Cisco Select Partner


Cisco Environmental Sustainability Partner

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About Turia 

We collaborate with organizations  to enhance agility and bolster their strategic initiatives by leveraging a diverse range of technologies.

Turia was launched as a disruptive sustainable IT initiative to help organizations adapt to the digital economy. As part of that initiative, we’ve managed to become one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the region, with a focus on impactful public and private sector solutions.


As an established Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco and VMware Partner we’ve helped leading regional and national organizations transition to cloud infrastructures and implement cutting-edge solutions. Our service structure is designed to assist public and private sector organizations with their sustainable IT goals through innovative technology solutions.

Our Services

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Migration/Adoption/Support

  • Governance

  • Data and Analytics

Sustainable IT Solutions

  • Product Take-back Programs​

  • Recycling Services

  • Refurbishment Options

On-Premise Infrastructure

  • Management and Support (IT)

  • Procurement (Hardware/Software)

  • SecureOps


Enhance your understanding by discovering the valuable perspectives shared by the dedicated team members at Turia Technology.

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“At Turia Technology, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.”
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