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Non-Profit Cloud Solutions

Solving critical non-profit challenges through innovative technological solutions.

Amplifying non-profit organizations with scalable across-the-board solutions. With a long-stand commitment to supporting key causes around the world, we’re proud to be a leading partner for the non-profit sector. As an official AWS partner, we help your non-profit organization shift to a streamlined cloud environment to deliver scalable solutions. Most nonprofit organizations lack the digital infrastructure required to help cater to a digital future. As a community leader in digital solutions, we help nonprofits plan and implement comprehensive strategies to help
them cater to their unique needs. We ensure that our clients are prepared for a digital future with all
the required support systems in place to supplement their mission.


The shift to the cloud can add immense benefits and facilitate great collaboration for your entire nonprofit ecosystem. Here are some key ways nonprofits are utilizing this technology to amplify their impact.

Remote Access to Data

Cloud features like remote access are opening doors for transparent data sharing regardless of member location. Most nonprofits feature a diverse team of global stakeholders including board members, grant writers, and other key persons. Relying on the cloud opens doors for transparent collaboration. Members can access their required information from any location through remote access over the cloud. This secure data access leads to higher efficiency. As a result, over 42% of nonprofits cite remote access as a key advantage of their shift to the

Better Security at a Lower Cost

Shifting to the cloud can allow nonprofits to minimize their IT costs by removing the need for expensive hardware and software installations. This results in a saving in energy and human resource costs for the organization. This means that the shift to the cloud can help your organization get the benefits of enterprise security and backup services with a decrease in cost.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Most nonprofits aim to reduce their carbon footprint and play their role in creating a sustainable world. The cloud helps with this process because of the fact that data centers that host cloud services are much more efficient compared to the conventional infrastructure used on-premise by most organizations. According to a recent study by Google Workspace,

typical organizations can minimize up to 65-90% of their energy and carbon emissions simply by embracing cloud technology.

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