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Transform Your Public Sector Organization with Cloud Adoption

Whether you're a federal public organization, a state organization, or a non-profit, your public sector organization faces unique challenges. From budget structure to governance protocols and security requirements, every organization requires a unique approach to deal with its organizational challenges.

For most organizations, cloud adoption can provide a viable solution to the challenges by enabling digital transformation. As an experienced cloud consultant, Turia Technology has helped organizations address these challenges.

Based on our experience, a people-centric philosophy is essential to have results. Public sector organizations are primarily focused on serving the needs of the public. Adopting cloud technologies can allow your organization to transform applications and workloads to enable a complete transformation.

Ensuring an Effective Cloud Migration

By working with Turia Technology and our cloud partners to explore the primary goal behind your cloud adoption, you can ensure a successful transition. Here are the key steps to effective cloud migration.

Define Clear Goals for Cloud Adoption – The first step of cloud adoption is to define a plan based on your organization's objectives. Turia Technology works with you to build a roadmap to understand exactly where your organization is headed. The process helps you instill the changed mindset throughout your existing workforce.

Understanding the Compliance Requirements – Security and compliance are critical elements of the adoption. Turia helps you understand the controls you need to implement to have a clear understanding of the cloud environment and the steps you need to perform.

Explore Core Cloud Capabilities – Turia helps your organization by guiding you in the creation of an internal team to oversee the cloud transformation process based on your goals. As your shift to the cloud continues, your team will continue to expand its expertise on the infrastructure.

Plan Your Migration Strategy in Advance – There are a number of different strategies that you can implement to migrate data and workloads to the cloud. Turia technology helps your organization explore the right strategy based on your strategic requirements.

Executing Migration – The final step of the process is to execute the defined strategy by ramping up the migration efforts. As you shift more applications to AWS, the focus will evolve from individual applications to portfolio management. Turia recommends an iterative improvement model to have a successful migration.

Expert Insight Through Your Cloud Migration

Turia Technology is prepared to help leading government, state, and non-profit organizations with their cloud adoption strategy. We've helped our partners achieve success by delivering Application Migration, Cloud Security, Managed Cloud, and Data Analytics integrations across AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Our proven experience in AWS makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with your cloud adoption and digital migration process. As an official AWS partner, we can offer you qualified assistance to ensure that you're able to navigate your way through the journey. The decision to migrate your organization to the cloud can be a big step, but a successful transition can help your organizations unlock a multitude of benefits.

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