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Why Effective Planning is Important for Public Sector Organizations Migrating to the Cloud

As the world enters a new era in Public Sector IT, government departments are increasingly considering the shift to cloud technologies. The security misinterpretations that once created a barrier to the cloud shift are being increasingly addressed and mitigated by large-scale cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

However, before considering a formal shift to the cloud, companies must establish an effective planning policy to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

Exploring Cloud Smart Initiative

The 2019 Federal Cloud Computing initiative is designed to help public sector organizations with their shift to the cloud. The initiative has outlined a comprehensive plan on cloud sector principles, and policy steps need to be followed by governmental departments. The initiative is focused on a collaborative effort between the service provider and the public sector organizations to ensure integrity in services.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Despite efforts through the Cloud initiative, public sector organizations may find it challenging to execute a migration to the cloud. The challenge is further accentuated because a large number of government workers don’t have experience with cloud services.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, over 70% of state and local government executives highlighted the importance of shifting to the cloud to store critical citizen and mission data.

However, to enable this adoption, it is essential to bridge the knowledge gap between workers. Currently, a significant percentage of government workers do not have the skillset to manage cloud infrastructure. This lack of knowledge is a significant challenge for governmental agencies to execute a safe transition to the cloud. Despite the challenge, effective planning can simplify the journey and make it easier for organizations to migrate to public clouds.

Based on the insights by the Federal government, all data is not appropriate for a transition to the cloud. However, there are many different cloud solutions to accommodate different data types. It is important to find the right cloud solutions based on the nature of the data.

Government departments are ready to undergo the migration to the cloud to enable business agility, security, and innovation; however, it is important to understand that the cloud journey is unique for every organization. To do this, public sector organizations should explore cloud deployment models that are effective across Public and Hybrid use-cases. To ensure service continuity for the public, it is important to have transition periods where legacy systems are still deployed in parallel to cloud servers to ensure continuity and maintain risk management. Building these migration plans can help prevent issues in the future.

Partnering to Streamline Transition

Making the transition to the cloud alone can be challenging for public sector companies. Having a supportive partnership with a transformation partner can simplify the process with sound advice and migration support. Such partners will supplement Public Sector organizations with the support and resources they need to leverage the maximum benefit of the cloud. Partner organizations can also be instrumental in helping organizations create hybrid environments with a mix of legacy systems and cloud deployment.

With the right transition partner, you can simplify your journey to the cloud and benefit from immediate results. Working with a proven company like Turia Technology can provide you with the complete range of resources and guidance you need to ensure a successful transition.


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