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Celebrating Female Leaders in Technology

Over the past few years, women have managed to trailblaze in the tech industry due to their determination and tenacity. We’re highlighting some women that paved the way for others.

Ever since the advent of technology, women have been critical in the progress of the industry. However, due to the regressive views of the past, women in the industry remained invisible over the years. Today, the world has started to change! Women have rightfully assumed their role as leaders in the tech industry. Trailblazing women founders have been instrumental in improving technology and making strides.

This article celebrates the work of some incredible women that have overcome challenges to pave their own lanes in the industry.

Female Leaders in the Tech Industry - Notable Figures

Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant has been amongst the most resilient founders in the tech industry. Since starting the Black Girls Code initiative in 2011, Kimberly has been making strides in improving technology learning for minority groups. Having studied engineering, Bryant was determined to create an ecosystem where girls of color could have a culturally diverse learning environment that broke down barriers and simplified the process.

Her journey toward the initiative was inspired by her own experience when she was trying to find a diverse learning course for her daughter.

Today, Black Girls Code has managed to teach coding to thousands of women of color. Graduates from the course have managed to go on to find careers in leading global companies, including FAANG. Bryant’s achievements have been recognized by the White House through the Champion of Change title, along with recognition from the Smithsonian Institute.

Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland is a globally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, and author with a focus on cybersecurity. She teaches business strategies and devises solutions to the most pressing issues in the cybersecurity industry.

In a field largely dominated by males, Jane has managed to pave her own lane thanks to her dedication to breaking barriers and simplifying the learning process for women across the industry. Aside from serving in notable executive positions at leading consultancies, Jane has also launched and sold her own global hacking firm.

Due to these efforts, Jane has been named a UNESCO trailblazing woman and has been referred to as the 3rd most influential cybersecurity expert in the United Kingdom. She is also recognized as a top twenty global influencer.

Ellen K. Pao

Any tech list about women leaders will be incomplete without including Ellen K. Pao. As a recognized leader in Silicon Valley, Pao has served as the CEO of leading social media platform Reddit prior to starting her own initiative.

The Project Include is a non-profit that amplifies the voices of women in the industry and advocates for increased diversity across the tech industry. Ellen’s efforts have shed light on sexism in Silicon Valley and created opportunities for women at leading firms.

Pao managed to garner attention for her public approach to activism and provide a platform to promote inclusion and lasting change in the industry.


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